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We are Del Roca , Skilled in BuildingWaterSewerage Works

Del Roca Springs, a company specialized in construction, architecture, and engineering, with an excellent and extensive track record. Formed by professionals from the world of the construction sect or with extensive experience and academic training.

Vision Statement

To be the Preferred building and construction company within and beyond the Borders of the Republic of Kenya.

Mission Statement

To consistently exceed client expectation applying innovative technology, training and follow up in the field of Building works and water works hence delivering quality projects, completed timely and cost effectively for the benefit of the community beneficiaries and to the satisfaction of the staff, and the business partners.

Core Values

  1. Least cost and High-quality Standards
  2. Environment Health and Safety
  3. Iintegrity and honesty.

Who We Are

Del Roca Springs is both an independent firm and a network of highly skilled professionals. Certified by the National Construction Authority for Building works and Water works  the firm is structured to operate as a flexible consortium of construction experts (Architects, Civil Engineers, Construction Project Managers & Value Engineers9 www.grupoa7r.com.Legal, Financial and Commercial experts whenever special opportunities and resources emerge to undertake a specific assignment. The associates manifest a wealth of experience, broad integration and comprehensive modern inventory of equipment and construction machinery for   building and construction and for the procurement and installation of appropriate technologies for office, industry and Homes. The accumulated expertise and accuracy deliver economically viable and sustainable works, products and services to the client’s/owner’s specifications.

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Policy on Health Safety and Environment

Del Roca Springs strives for excellence in ensuring effective health, safety and welfare management of all staff, sub-contractors, clients and visitors to our demarcated construction sites. The aim is to be compliant with all legal obligations, relevant standards and codes of practice within the Building and Water works Cconstruction industry. The firm conducts operations in a way which manages and minimizes any adverse environmental impact and to prevent any pollution as well mitigate all hazards that could emerge in our designated sites, facilities, activities by employing safe technologies and operating procedures overseen by a dedicated Health and Environmental safety officer. availability first aid kit on all sites and emergency injury budget is a key mitigation feature on our construction site.