• Portfolio of ServicesThe firm’s principal assets are the knowledge, experience and skills of its seasoned affiliate professionals withhands on experience spanning over 20 years applying quality and imaginative solutions in a broad area of infrastructure developmentactivities and management operations. Thecore team of associates apply innovative and flexible approach in the following portfolio of services and products. BUILDING WORKS Undertakes all aspects of civil works, which include road building, storm water control,sewerage, concrete works and earthworks. The diverse portfolio ranges fromsmall restoration projects tonewbuilds, renovations, extensions and general repairs for both commercial and residential properties. Specifically,
    • Building Construction of classrooms, Health Facilities, laboratories, blocks, housing
    • Building warehouses, housing developments and private homes, perimeter walls
    • Roads and Drainage Construction and land scaping
    • Bridge and underpasses construction
    • Sidewalks and stairs
    • Parking lots
    • Small works and maintenance and repairs


    • Undertakes infrastructure developmentincluding buildingand maintenance of water works control water run-off and ensure safe environment for storm water drainage.
    • Drilling boreholes of any diameter depending on the clients needs deploying the latest drilling rigs
    • Boreholes Drilling and maintenance




    Design of sewerage systems, ensuring correct specifications and appropriate installations and flow of waste water.


    • Supply of a set recipe of concrete mixtures delivered by truck mounted mixers to construction sites formaximized quality, reduced loss of material and environmental pollution and enhanced timely deliveries
    • concrete culverts, concrete building blocks of various sizes, concrete paving blocks, road kerbs slabs and various other precast units
    • Tiles, wood works and fittings for internal and external finishes
    • branded items;
    • Office furniture and Equipment



    • Design, Drafting and mapping
    • Project Management: Project initiation, implementation, Training and handover.
    • Surveying and Topography
    • Earthworks Excavations and clearing.
    • After sales support including initiation, handover and training.
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Facilitation of effective practices in land use planning and best practice land, water and soil management.
    • Impact Assessment
    • Monitoring and Evaluation


    Earth works

    Our earthworks consist of roads, railway beds, Electricity evacuation, Water reservoirs, dams, levees, canals and beams.